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Airline Operators Committee Nepal (AOCN) was established as a subcommittee of Board of Airlines Representatives in Nepal (BARN) in 1990 A.D. This committee was formed with the aim of addressing the common concern of operating carriers and other stake holders while operating into Nepal. The committee represents the common voice of the airline operators to liasie with differnet authorities and parties for the safe, secure and cost effective operation. All airlines operating into Nepal can became the member of this committee to raise the common concern in order to improve the airlines' operation. 


The committee is lead by the Executive Board, which consists of 4 Board Members and 7 Executive Members, which are elected by the members of the AOCN for the tenure of 2 years. The Executive Board is entrusted with representing and making decision on behalf of all the member airlines, sub-committees and its Associate Members. AOCN holds a full membership meeting to discuss and share the views, issues, updates and improvements in the airport and related areas once every month. One of the primary agenda of this committee is to improve the quality of passengers' journey experience from Nepal through the enhancement of operation and experience of the airport operation as per the international set standards. 


AOCN has been collaborating with different authorities, partners, ground handling agent, committees, sub-committees, working groups and other agencies & stakeholders in the airport to achieve its Purpose, Vision and Mission.

Recent News

2024-FOD Campaign-KTM : A Crucial Initiative for Aviation Safety by NAC
July 10 2024

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a significant concern in the aviation industry, posing serious risks to aircraft operations. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) refers to any foreign material, substance, or object that can damage an aircraft or its components. This includes items like loose screws, tools, rocks, or even wildlife on runways. FOD poses serious risks to aviation safety. It can cause engine damage, tire punctures, and other operational issues. Airlines and airports worldwide prioritize FOD prevention to ensure safe and efficient operations.


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Removal of Threshold Reduction for Parallel Taxiway Construction at TIA (VNKT)
June 19 2024

The construction of a parallel taxiway at TIA that necessitated a reduction of 236 meters from the existing runway length has been completed before deadline of 31 Jul 2024. The project initially scheduled from 01 Apr to 31 Jul 2024. The AIP supplement 9/24 declared the completion of project and removal of threshold reduction effective 19 Jun 2024. 

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AOC-Nepal Collaborate with Nepal Airlines to Enhance Customer Experience
March 20 2024

In an era where customer experience stands at the forefront of business success, the collaboration between the Airline Operator Committee of Nepal (AOC-Nepal) and Nepal Airlines emerges as a beacon of innovation and dedication towards enhancing the travel experience for those visiting Nepal. This partnership signifies an important step in the evolution of Nepal's aviation sector, directly impacting Nepal tourism by aiming to set new standards in customer service. This milestone represents a significant step forward in our continuous commitment to enhancing the passenger experience and ensuring excellence in service delivery at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport.

The following article delves into the strategic alliance between AOC-Nepal and Nepal Airlines, highlighting their mission and vision, collaborative efforts, and the tangible benefits for passengers. With a focus on enhancing customer service experience, this partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in Nepal travel, making a positive impact on the perception and satisfaction of international and domestic passengers alike. By examining the synergistic endeavors undertaken by these organizations, readers will gain insight into how such collaborations are essential for the sustained improvement of tourism and customer service standards in Nepal.

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The Purpose of the AOC is to promote all the necessary actions required to improve the airport’s operation safeguarding the rights, the needs and the interest of the air transport’s users, the Carriers and other Operators in full respect of their individual independence.


Our Vision is to ensure favorable and cost effective operating environment for the airlines operator in Nepal along with providing safe, secure and comfortable journey to the passengers as per the international set standards while travelling to and from Nepal.


The Mission of the AOC is to liase with different authorities, stake holders, committees and sub-committees in improving and addressing common issues for its members and aviation industry in Nepal along with contributing in social and common welfare causes.